Sunday, April 26, 2015

Last night I had a dream!

Earlier this week I received my second to last mark for this term - leaving me on pins and needles for the very last mark of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree. My mind played with me last night and drifted me through a dream that reminded me that there was still one more assignment to do. My sleep was rattled with the too familiar stress and panic of getting an assignment completed. But  ahhh the relief when I rolled over on my cat, felt her squirm and realized it was but a dream.  I set a goal in January 2012 to graduate with my BBA in May 2015 and have successfully accomplished that goal. Now to exhale and live without the pressure of class and classwork. But for how long will this leisurely period sustain itself before the desire to push myself towards another major goal (i.e. MBA) starts to swallow the exhale?

For today, I rest in my natural state, no make-up and no pressure.

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