Monday, March 1, 2010

The beginning

A long time ago, in a far away land.  Sorry, dozed off there for a second and thought I was writing a kids story.

Let's try again.  Me motter taught me to knit when I was a wee little thing.  Nope, not Scottish, that doesn't work.

Well, I guess it goes like this - I love to knit and love to hang with people that knit. Mom taught me when I was in elementry school and she was fantastic at the craft. She could fly through a cable knit "fisher knit" in a week!! Yeah, I know, it's a Fisherman's Knit but we're busy women in our family. Taking the "man" out of the title just makes it go faster ;)  She was a perfectionist and dang good at what she did, so when she let me have her teach me - well, that was like getting Gretzky to teach you skating (Gretzky's that hockey guy from the 80-90's right? Oh, Go Canada in winning 2010 Hockey Gold - men's & women's!)

Then my Dad made me a wee bit obsessive. He was born in 1915, so his Mom HAD to knit vs. wanting to knit. One day we sat in the livingroom, he in his favorite smoking chair (man that thing got NASTY) and I on the gold 1970's couch. He watched me struggle and then get the hang of a new stitch she taught me. When I looked up, he said to me that his mother (born in the 1880s) always said and idle woman was a useless woman and he was glad to see I wasn't going to be useless.  I was so proud that MY Dad was proud of what I was doing, I haven't had idle hands in 35 years!!

So, I'll post some photos and some thoughts. Don't take anything too serious I say, cause I'm going through the "change" and my mind isn't always quite where it should be.

Enjoy life, else you're gonna die unhappy.