Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well, one more UFO to the blocking board. Wonder if there are any magic blocking fairies out there that would swoop down in the middle of the night and block my Koigu square.  It was pretty cool. I took all the left over yarn from another project of a friend and wound them into 16 little balls. Using the Barn Raising Quilt pattern, I cast on 12 st with the red and kept going round and round with the next smallest ball until I'd worked in all 16 balls. Several were under on 1inch in diameter balls - worth not much more than scrap or markers. But in one of my past lives, I was a young person during the Great Depression. So waste I must not! Taking my old time waste not want not with the age old tradition of knitting and BAM!! (well not really bam - more like several hours later) a funky baby blanket is born. For the last several balls, I incorporated some fagoting (which is 1 and 2 row lace patterns).  Seeing how I didn't sleep well last night (ahhh, the old achy bones! It's sucks to be sOoooooOoooo very young and have a touch of the big A (arthritis - not attitude), so I'm gonna go crawl in bed. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of the Koigu Baby Blanket. Of course, I'll file my 2009 taxes first. Would want The Man to come after me :0

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  1. I have lots and lots of odds and ends to find the time to make something of them!