Saturday, March 10, 2012

Report from Courtney coming all the way from Namibia!!

Hey!Honestly, this place is amazing. I've done my first build week (oh my god, so hard) and one patrol week. Too much happened to write in an email in the amount of time I have, honestly. But it was all amazing. Really. The desert is.... I can't even explain how beautiful. It compares to my love of the ocean, really. But its been 40 degrees in the SHADE some days. Shorts that when I first put them on were so tight, and after a week barely fit from working so hard and sweating so much. I really love it, though. I've made two amazing friends... Sam (from Switzerland) and I have been inseparable haha he's sitting next to me now, actually. When I first got to Swakop we were in the same room, and then in the same tents at camp, and now in the same room again lol He leaves soon though, and I'm upset. I don't know that I've ever spent so much time laughing and being involved and making people laugh. And the other is Carli.. she's great! She's one of the staff and we just laugh all the time. We are always joking around and it's just really great. She's given me a really amazing idea for my future, and when we drive the 4 hours back to base camp on Monday I'm going to question her about her schooling and everything. I don't know how I will live without this place, honestly. I hate being in town now, I feel really uncomfortable. I can barely sleep in a bed, with a roof because I feel claustrophobic without the sky. When I get home, I'm seriously sleeping outside. Every day. I can cook amazingly over a fire now, too. You have no idea. So we should set up a firepit and I'll cook bush-man style. It's.... so good. Really.I wish I could tell you about Patrol week! It was hard, and it took us days to find the elephants. But when we did... I can't even. I was sitting on the roof of a jeep with Carli and if I had reached out my hand, I could have touched them. Wild elephants. There was something wrong with one of the herds and we thought a cow and her calf were killed but it ended happily and they found them yesterday.There is just... so much to tell. My life is changing, really. Johannes, who started this (in the video we watched, he was the guy tracking), is giving me a whole new outlook on everything. Carli is too. I feel so different. Last night when we went out to dinner, Carli was saying how the first Friday that I was here and we all went out I was really quite. Already I'm different, talking and laughing. It's really great. I never want to leave this place.Oh! And the river came down on Friday!!!! We got to base camp (seriously, no showers. for a week) and everyone unpacked the jeeps so fast and just ran into the river in the clothes we were wearing. Everyone was laughing, splashing and playing. It was so perfect.Everything is closed here on Sundays except for Church. But if I can, the next weekend I'm here, I'll get more time online and send you a proper email. I'm okay for money for now, but I'm not sure. My binoculars broke, and my work boots fell apart because of the heat, so I have to get all of that. And it's more expensive to eat here than I had thought. But, we will see. I love and miss you guys!

I read the words of my oldest daughter, holding my breath. She's so alive that I don't want to inhale and disturb her universe.  How can a mother express what she feels when she sees such amazing joy and growth her beautiful child. The world will be a different place now and she's going to make it that way.  To hear her laughing and joking fills my heart with immense happiness. It will be so amazing to see her in  51 days.


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    1. You can almost see everything she discribes!

      What a life changing adventure she is on!

  2. That is absolutely amazing, good for her, you must be so proud :) Sue Martin

  3. I love reading her telling of her trip, it makes you want to hear more, to see Africa through her eyes. I wonder where this will take her. She sounds so free

  4. She really does sound free and happy. I'm just full of joy! I'll start printing her emails and sending them to Nanny.

  5. I'm speechless.....if u know me, what else is there to say. Lol. Congrats Courtney

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