Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tromping with Elephants

Oh, it's been a whole week now - exactly - since my beautiful daughter, Courtney, left for Namibia to work with a volunteer organization protecting elephants. It's not possible for a mother to be more proud of anything or anyone as I am of her.

She's 22 years old and worked her keaster off to save the money to travel across the world to fulfill a dream. Courtney is brave to step so far outside of her comfort zone to spend 3 months with strangers, a very difficult thing for her. When she's in base camp, she sleeps in the coolest tree house ever!!! Oh, would I have loved having that as a child! 

There's no Internet or phone service where she is, so there's zero communication until she gets to go into the city every couple of weeks. She'll likely spend her time horseback riding and not be on a computer ;)

She took a journal with her to record, in her elegant and charming style, all her experiences. That will be the best book ever read by this ole lady!

I'm in awe of you, my girl! How simply wonderful you've made life and how honored I am to have been given the opportunity to raise, know and love you.  Thank you for being my daughter!

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