Friday, June 10, 2011

Mad Sock Knitting

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Well, I have 2 full pair and 1 sock each of two other pairs for our Sylvi group. I'm going to knit a pair for each member of our KAL that finishes her Sylvi, plus one pair for our Photographer. It sounds like alot of work (there's 11 of us doing the KAL) but it's so much fun to see how excited the girls are getting. Angie is going to take a photo of us all in our Sylvis and wearing our socks ;)
Now, I have to get my needles together and finish my Sylvi too!!

This evening I spent the evening with Trish at her shop with Cameron. We knit and chatted until Frank was done is Union meeting. Alishia-Marie was out for supper with a friend, so Cameron and I hung out and cuddled. We were playing on the computer and somehow he managed to scrabble the letters on the keyboard. He's soooo cute!!


  1. Wow, you are a busy woman. Now I see why you haven't peeked lately at the thread you started over on Cruise Critic re. the Dawn cruise to Bermuda!

  2. Hi, Kevin
    I thought I'd posted there that my booked vacation conflicted with other schedules and I can't hit Bermuda this year :(

    Am booked with friends from New York to Caribbean in November but sure am going to miss Bermuda!!